Frequently Asked Questions

Bringing in your items

You can choose one of our walk-in days or make an appointment. Please visit our Make an Appointment Page for more information.

  • Drop N Run is done on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11am to 4pm, that you can come in without an appointment. We will review the items the next day and anything that we can not take automatically gets donated to charity. here is a copy of our Drop N Run slips
  • On an appointment (Standard or Luxury), you will choose when you arrive if you want us to review the items now with you, or if you want us to donate what we can not accept. If you choose for us to review, we will pre-screen your items at the appointment and hand you back what we can not accept. You can then fill out on the drop slip if you want donated anything that can not be accepted (after the final review) here is a copy of our drop slips
  • You can use our hangers when you arrive to hang your items. Try to lay your items flat in a laundry basket or folded lightly in a shopping bag so they do not get wrinkles. (no trash bags please) .
  • If you want to bring your items on your own hangers, but you do not want to leave them with us you can always swap them onto our hangers when you arrive.

Absolutely! Consignor Online Log In-  We have it set up where you can log on at any time to view your account.  See how much money you have, your item lists, your pick up date, checks that have been issued, etc.  You can even use any money as store credit when shopping online or in store!

We are taking Summer items.

We take Womens, Mens, Kids, Shoes, Jewelry, Accessories, Household

Please bring your clothing in on hangers. Items need to be ready to sell with no stains, smoke, wrinkles or fold lines. You are welcome to swap your hangers when you arrive if you want to take yours home. If you do not have hangers, you can use our hangers when your arrive. (We do strongly suggest brining them in on hangers since we can not take any items with wrinkles. If you steam your items before you come in, you have a 70% greater chance of selling your item! Let's face it, eveylone loves to buy something that looks like it's in brand new condition.)

Please make sure they are clean and dust free. (Vacuum the inside if needed.) Please place them in a paper or reuseable shopping bag with handles (that you are willing to part with, we do not give this back).

We take most brands from Gap to Gucci. We will consider other brands which will be determined by style and demand.

Womens from 00 to 4X (all sizes)

Mens (all sizes)

Kids - No Infant items (24 months or under, unless new with tags) - We take Sizes 2T to 20

  • Infant Clothing (items sized 24 Months or under, unless New with Tags)
  • Child Boys: Jeans, Onesies, Rompers, Pants (sweatpants are ok), Infant Items (unless NWT)
  • Child Girls: Jeans, Onesies, Pants (sweatpants are ok), Infant Items (unless NWT), (limited on girls size 12+)
  • Mens: Pants (limited selection), (sweatpants ok)
  • Misc. We do not take bridal or formal gowns or mens suits/suit jackets
  • We are extrememly selective with our clothing, items that are wrinkled, stained, smoke, outdated or more than 3 years old will not be typically be accepted.
  • Other items not accepted sometimes is determined by overstock, style, or other factors determined by authorized staff. We try to choose items what sells best for our store and what our customers have asked for. We try not to take any fast fashion brands, (examples: Shein, Forever 21, Fashion Nova, New Look, etc).

Yes. If you are moving or has a loved one that has passed, we can help to sell your clothing, jewelry, shoes & bags. Please call 781-878-3555 and ask for customer service or send us a email below at "contact us" on this page.

You can send us your items and we can consign them for you. Please send us a email below or call the store and ask for customer service to set you up with the correct information.

Contact us

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